Web content management

Using a content management systems allows you to take control of your own website, updating the content whenever you like without the need for outside help.

You can achieve this either through WordPress, for an off the shelf low-cost solution, or by adding a Content Editor to your tailored web design.


WordPress is an open-source content management system, meaning that the software itself is available free of charge. It is therefore the first choice for a low-cost website that is never likely to need any customised program code writing and which can use one the hundreds of available stock templates for its design layout.

WordPress is easy to manage and update without specialist knowledge and can be up and running within hours.

Content Editor

Any website can have a built-in editing feature. Our integrated editor has the advantage that it can be set up to edit selected pages only – allowing you to edit pages with dynamic content, such as news, events and client details, whilst avoiding changes to the more complex pages, which may incorporate program code.

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